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    PDFs Opened from Outlook No Longer Retain "Previously or Recently Saved" Location


      Hello All,


      Up until a month or two ago when users (Reader DC and Adobe Pro XI) opened a PDF email attachments and selected "Save As," Adobe would open the last location it saved documents to.  Now it's opening to:  C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\XXXXXXX.  Outlook 2013 is doing what it has always done, open the attachment from the temporary location it stores the file, so it has to be some change in Adobe.  Now user's have to constantly go Windows Recent Places and locate the folder. They didn't have to do this before.


      For example if they view an email and open PDF0001 and save it to X:\CustServ\2017\07-10, after closing that document, going to the next email to open the PDFzyx then do Save As it would open the same folder, X:\CustServ\2017\07-10.  That's not happening now, it default to the Content.Outlook\XXXXXXX folder.


      I've tried unchecking Preferences > General > Show online storage when saving files, but that doesn't work.


      Another suggestion was to turn off Preferences > Security (Enhanced) > Sandbox Protection > Enable Protected Mode at startup, that's not such a good idea either.


      Editing the registry to change the default location won't work because the location changes daily and there are eight people so far being vocal about it.