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    Adobe stock Licenses in commercial education website


      Hi there,


      I'm in the process of putting together an education website for learning using memory palaces (think of a painting where each image is a place holder for information).

      To do so, I will use photo-manipulation to make a collage of the images, with the individual images coming from Adobe stock.

      I am one person, and not working with a team or enterprise.


      My  question is, does the Standard license cover me if:


      - The main product is the educational information packed into picture format, and all stock images will be altered in the process.

      - The collage images will be available on the my website and on the mobile application.

      - The collage images will be incorporated into a video explaining the information - and the video will be available on my website, mobile application; and on youtube for marketing purposes.


      The Adobe Stock terms mentioned that the 500,000 copies restriction for the Standard license did not refer to a website and mobile application traffic, so I'm hoping that is also true for my idea.


      Thanks for any help in answering this question,