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    Missing Cross-References

      I recently discovered that some of my cross-references have disappeared from several of my projects. After performing several tests, I have discovered that RH has an issue with the index keyword being referenced. If I rename the keyword (by appending a number to it), the cross-reference shows up in the index. The cross-references used to work and I can't figure out why RH has decided that it won't display cross-references for the following type of keyword: CompanyName ProductName. If anybody has any insight on this, please let me know.
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          Jose_S Level 1
          Update: The index keyword that I am trying to cross-refernce is off the root of the index. However, it turns out that there is an index subkeyword with the same name. Any help on how to resolve this issue would still be appreciated.
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            Jose_S Level 1
            Update II: It turns out that the index subkeyword with the same name has been excluded from the compiled help through the use of conditional build tags. This behavior is intentional. hmmm, I'm starting to think that I've run into a bug with RH...
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi Jose S

              Just so I can keep this straight in my own little mind...

              You post with an issue related to Index keywords and cross referencing. Then you determine that it's probably related to the use of sub keywords. Then you conclude that you are using Build Tagging to exclude terms and the behavior is intentional. But you call it a bug?

              Confused in Missouri... Rick
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                Jose_S Level 1
                Sorry about the confusion. I meant that I was intentionally excluding the topic associated with the subkeyword from the compiled help file. The RH developers and testers probably didn't take that type of scenario into account. So, I guess I am going to have to live with this issue. As a workaround, I decided to use a different naming convention for the subkeywords.