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    Is there a way to select pathItems base on stroke size and spotcolor?


      Hi Everyone,


      I am a entry level scriptor and I am currently stuck on this one specific step. I am trying to have a script loop through pathItems and select a path that matches these criterias:


      • Stroke is using spotcolor name "BLACK" with No Fill
      • Stroke is size at 2pt


      I have found a script that loops through pathItems and selects paths with a specific point size, but I am having trouble add the part where it selects a path with the assign color "BLACK" on the stroke. Can anyone help me with this script?


      // script.name = selectPathsThisSize.jsx;  
      // script.description = selects pathItems that have the same supplied stroke width; limited to 3 decimals;  
      // script.required = a document with at least one path item;  
      // script.parent = CarlosCanto // 6/5/11;  
      // script.elegant = false;  
      var idoc = app.activeDocument;  
      var strokewidth = 2
      //prompt ("Enter Stroke Width in points of paths to be selected", 0.361, "Select Paths this size:___");  
      for (i=0 ; i< idoc.pathItems.length; i++) { 
                var ipath = idoc.pathItems[i];  
                     if ((ipath.strokeWidth).toFixed(3) == Number(strokewidth).toFixed(3)) {
                               ipath.selected = true;  
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          williamadowling Level 4

          The property you're looking for is strokeColor.spot.name. like this:

          if(ipath.strokeColor.spot.name == "BLACK")
               //do something


          and to check whether there's no fill, you need to check the filled property, like so


               //do something


          then just combine both of those in the same conditional:

          if(!ipath.filled && ipath.strokeColor.spot.name === "BLACK")
               //do something


          here's a quick snippet that's tested and working. I'm not sure why your snippet was using the toFixed() method. Since you were declaring a desired stroke width of 2pt, there should be no need to convert that to 2.00. if the strokeWidth of ipath is 2.25, then it's not equal to 2 or 2.00. Save yourself some calculations and leave out those extra methods.


          function test()
              var docRef = app.activeDocument;
              var paths = docRef.pathItems;
              var len = paths.length;
              var strokeWidth = 2;
              for(var x=0; x < len; x++)
                  var iPath = paths[x];
                  if(iPath.strokeWidth == strokeWidth && iPath.strokeColor.spot.name == "BLACK" && !iPath.filled)
                      iPath.selected = true;
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            lan.mine Level 1

            Oh wow, this is definately what I needed. Your script is very easy to understand. Thank you so much for explaining how which parts I need and how to put it together into a function. This is very helpful!