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    "autocorrection" with creative suite

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      When I first began learning Photoshop over a decade ago, there was this golden procedure for formatting images, particularly black and white images, by using auto-correction. I was too young to pursue these skills professionally but I'd like to think I can still find a benefit to this with the Creative Suite applications I am using today.


      However, many things have changed in Photoshop. When I use "AutoTone," in replace of, whichever name it used to have- there are no noticeable differences in the image! Is it because the qualify of my originals are too large? Is it because I'm already set at a GrayScale? Is it not being a physical copy? I am curious to know if there is a balanced way of editing an image more dramatically, such as "curves". In other words, I could have forgotten the entire purpose of this action so if anyone would like to explain the functions of auto-correction then that would answer my question. 


      All the "creative" devices- clone-patch, brushes appear to be the same, whereas more practical commands are designed differently. Hopefully this will give me a better starting point!