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    Problem with Lightroom 5 installed on a new computer


      Hi all,


      I am hoping someone can help me with my problem.  I  was using Lightroom 5 that was installed on a desktop with one large C drive.  In other words, the software, catalog and all files were on the same drive. Recently I have acquired a new computer that has a small SSD C drive and a large storage drive D, and I have moved all my pictures to the D drive.  Now when I install Lightroom on my new computer C drive and use the existing catalog copied from the old computer, for the most part, the software cannot find my pictures.  I am assuming it is due to the fact that the path of the location of the pictures has changed from C to D. I tried using library > Find all missing photos, but that didn't help.  Is there a way for me to install Lightroom 5 on the new computer and use the catalog that I copied from the old one?  Otherwise, my option seems to be to rebuild the catalog, which I think means that I will lose all the tags.


      Thanks in advance for your help.