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    Framemaker15-how to change logo on the reference page

    laurentd2522238 Level 1

      Hello forum.

      i am a new user of framemaker since may2017. I have little skill  with VBA and javascript but not professionnal  .

      with my new job i receive every month documentantion from manufacturer and we custumize them.

      So each month we copy the manufacturer file with new template and import them in our books.

      but before importing i have to swap the manufacturer logo of the book by my compagny logo and some more minor modifications.

      as this task is repetitive i think i could do it with extendscript

      i send a zip file on adobe cloud with  a sample framemaker book i made and the script i wrote during the last 2 weeks with tips i found on internet.

      the script open all files in a folder  and that all. i didin't find anything about how to change logo on the reference page

      FOR THE MAIN PROBLEM i need your help to swap the logo. i put in the zip file à new sample logo for the test.

      if you have 5 minutes more but not necessary if your time is precious you can answer to the 3 minor questions about access and modification to the copyrignt and how to change a variable (see inside the script).

      As you can see english is not my native language i hope you will understand my problem.

      best regards from France

      click below for the zip file with the sample book , script and fake logo

      Fichiers partagés - Acrobat.com