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    Published Online - Hyperlink takes me to correct link in new tab, but have to copy & paste url to NEW WINDOW in order for url to work fully


      I am having an issue using a button on an interactive PDF to direct users to a URL via a hyperlink. The hyperlink goes to the correct URL via new tab. The website I want users to access has a log in/start page. The page gets stuck on 'start' after entering in credential fields.


      However if I then copy and paste the URL into an actual NEW WINDOW (vs the new tab that opened from the hyperlink button), the URL works fine and the credentials entered allow me to 'access' the site.


      I know that the hyperlink is correct because it actually takes me to the site, I just get stuck/stalled on the first page and can't log in/access.


      Is there something on the way my hyperlinks are set up to direct users to URL that is causing this stall?