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    A folder in my Lightroom folders and collections panel shows to be empty.  That same folder on the hard drive has photos in it.


      I am using Lightroom 4 on a Mac running OS 10.9.5.

      My method, for years, has been to import photos into a folder on Lightroom for editing.  After removing the rejects from that folder and the hard drive, I rename and add keywords to the good ones.   I move those good ones to other folders.  That import folder is empty in LIghtroom, but the same folder on the hard drive and backup drives has photos in it that I have imported.  Some of these photos are renamed and reside in other Lightroom folders as they should be.  Some are nowhere in the Lightroom Library--not in any folder.  Most of these photos are jpegs, some are CR2.

      As an experiment, I moved a couple of the photos from the hard drive folder to the desktop to re-import them into Lightroom.  Lightroom did not recognize them or show them to exist.  I opened those photos in Photoshop and saved them as a copy.  Lightroom still did not recognize them.

      How can I have Lightroom recognize these photos and make the folders consistent?