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    Losing manually entered metadata


      Importing photo files (jpeg, tiff, cr2) from folders on my hard drive into Lightroom 5 (and relocating them to a new dedicated drive):


      On a number of files, I had previously entered details via the Windows Explorer view - ie Title, Comments, Subject, Author.

      When I import, I set the Apply during import to None. What I find is that the Author field  information appears as Creator (good!), the Title appears under Title (good), however, the Caption in lightroom is populated with the Title, and the Comments and Subject are lost (ie they dont appear anywhere. In addition, the Lightroom Comments Field says "Comments not supported here"

      When I look at the file in its new location with Windows Explorer, the information is still there

      Is there a way to allow this information to be viewed in  Lightroom? In future I intend to import first, then fill in the details in Lightroom.  But I have a lot of information that I would like to keep and transferring it all manually will be a pain. Any ideas?