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    Embedding Spanish characters

      Hey, I'm building a bi-lingual tool (english and spanish) that uses all dynamic text fields. Problem: special Spanish characters are being dropped, even though I have specified them within the fields' embed-character sets.

      The piece is built as such: all copy is stored as nodes on two data objects – one english, one spanish. Texts are then populated into the dynamic text fields from the active language's object. I have specified "ÁáÉéÍíÓóÚúÜüÑñ¡¿" as characters to embed. However, the special characters are displaying incorrectly (or not at all). For example: "Español" displays as "Espaol". I also ran into a scenario where the "í" gylph (as in "Sí") displays as a copyright symbol (©).

      If anyone has any insight on this, I'd GREATLY appreciate it.