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    How to tell what photos are used in photobook from library view

    Polar Dan



      I have a large travel album of some 10,000 photos that I am making into three or four large 240 page photo books to document our six month journey.


      In the book module I know you can see the "1" above the photos on the film strip to see what has been used, but I would like to see that in library view. That way I can get a better feel that no good photos have been missed out by viewing them in large size in the library module. The film strip is both too small and too slow to scroll through to see what's missed.


      I realise that this might be working backwards to most people's workflows but it would be useful if this can be done.

      Initially I was thinking of creating a smart collection of images used in the books then select all->Flag but can't seem to find a way to make that work.


      Thanks in advance