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    corrupt lightroom catalog ( permission errors)


      Hi there, so here's the story. i have been slacking on backups for the last few months and my catalog decided to become corrupt and not open just recently. Im running Lr CC 2015.10 on mac osx sierra 10.12.5 with all of my files stored on an external drive. So i booted up Lightroom as normal, came up with some sort of error message, i clicked through it not thinking much of it and Lr started doing something to my catalog. it ran a few seconds and my whole computer crashed and shut down. i rebooted, ran a first aid in disk utility, restarted in safe mode and ran disk utility on both my main drive and my external. rebooted, everything seemed fine. I started Lr witch propped me to repair my library, when it was almost done "updating catalog file" it ejected my external drive and gave me an error. I re inserted my external and tried to make a copy of the catalog file to try some troubleshooting on but i was nt able to make a copy of it as i received a -36 permissions error.


      ok now for the weird part. i plugged my drive into my imac at work witch is my work horse editing machine, i launch Lr jut for fun and my library opens up no problems, first thing i do is try to create a backup, Lr freezes and quits during this. i then try to copy the catalog file again but on my work computer and i get the same -36 error i had gotten on my personal machine. Lr now boots up saying i have a corrupt catalog and requires repair and drive ejects in the first stage of the repair same as before.....


      i have checked all of the permissions for the Catalog file as well as the destination location ( i even tryed making a copy of it into the root directory of the external drive its stored on with no luck).


      so now what are my options.... im thinking fixing the permission error is the first step then trying to fix the library. possibly using SQlite? ( i tryed looking up how to do that and im not familiar enough with using terminal to attempt it) especially with the only copy of my catalog.