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    Difficulty Purchasing Lightroom  Desktop


      Just purchased a new iMac.Nice.

      I am a new customer to Adobe and wish to purchase Lightroom. On the Adobe website I cannot find a link to just purchase & download Lightroom for iMac. Strange.

      The Adobe website links to the Creative Cloud subscription for $13.30/Month.

      Here is the Adobe page.

      Buy Adobe Lightroom CC | Download digital photography software free trial
      http://www.adobe.com/sea/products/photoshop-lightroom.html?sdid=Z662FWNM&mv=search&s_kwcid =AL!3085!3!77767374764!e!!!!adobe%20lightroom&ef_id=WXMZUgAABXWD9j9p:20170722093200:s


      Is it possible to purchase a stand alone version of Lightroom without the the Creative Cloud monthly subscription.


      To be honest the Adobe Website is a confusing mess. How about a link to purchase Lightroom? Is that asking too much? LOL