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    New Havok game. Tips?


      Sorry for the cross-post, I wanted to reach as many as possible.

      This is what I have been doing over the last couple of weeks. It was just a couple of days ago that I decided to try havok, and I instantly fell in love with it. I have scavenged the net for many of the examples out there, but I still can't figure out how to properly customize it.

      Now I know many of you have a lot of experience in this field, so please, won't you check it out and give me tips of how I should tweak havok? As an example, if I run into the sidewalk and continue driving, the tank suddenly flies to the sky.

      I have tried to optimize it as much as possible, but it wasn't meant for the web, so it might take a while to load it (10mbs).

      Here's the link:

      Thank you so much for saying what you think!

      Peace, Mazuho
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          Ex Malterra Level 1
          get this error trying to access your game:

          Angelfire does not allow direct linking
          from offsite, non-Angelfire pages,
          to files hosted on Angelfire.
          This practice of 'remote linking' reduces
          our ability to serve out the homepages
          of our members quickly and efficiently.
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            Mazuho Level 1
            Yeah, sorry about that, didn't know about that restriction.
            Anyway, this should work, since it's an html and not what they consider a file meant for downloading.

            My bad!
            Cheers. And remember! Early beta, so don't harass me, please
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              _lw Level 1
              No, it's not possible to reach the game, this webspace sucks.

              i get this message:
              " The page you are attempting to access has been removed because it violated Angelfire's Terms of Service. Please check out Angelfire's Help system for more information. "

              maybe you should try to get some webspace that can be accessed....
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                Mazuho Level 1
                Okay, this one should work, at least for a while. I made my friend test it and it worked for him.
                If it doesn't... I'll go buy one.

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                  _lw Level 1
                  first of all, make a version that is not 10 MB in filesize to set up the havok movement. start with a small szene where all geometry is used that will later be in the game.

                  I have no idea how you set up the movement for the tank. At the moment, it flies away, this is because of a low mass or because of very strong forces. I think the main problem could be the collision geometry of the tank. But before i begin to speculate here why you don't tell us a little bit about it

                  I think i good idea would be to use a more complex physical model. And don't forget, you can turn disable collision detection of movable rigid bodys. If you think about wheels, you do not have to check for collision between the wheels.

                  But first of all, tell us how you set up the collision model for the tank and how you apply forces to it.

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                    Im sorry for bugging you, but I'm very new and I'm reading all I can. I too am wanting to make a game for my website for people to play, You may have heared of it Final Fantasy XI.

                    I'm tring so hard to understand how to chane a this game to shockwave (Flash) But, Im getting now were fast. But i have lots of time.

                    The reason I'm posting this is because i was wanting to ask you how much space are you useing to upload this game to your website?

                    Final Fantasy xi is 4. gigs thats the whole game, but each area is called a zone and each area is 200mb each or so.

                    Could you help me on some tips to where i should start, reading about makeing a online game. shockwave (Flash)?

                    I have downloaded Macromedia Director MX 2004 and i been reading as much as i can. but again I'm getting now where.

                    O and by the way. If you need some webspace after you get your game done i would share my website with you.

                    Ill check back and see what you all say.
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                      Mazuho Level 1
                      To FFXISM:
                      Sorry, can't help you there.. Shockwave3d (not flash) is not meant for a game like final fantasy. I think that theoretically you could make a game as big as it, and divide it to zones for easying up for the user, but the graphics are not possible with the current SW3d.

                      To all the other nice people who are reading this thread:
                      For the tank I used a proxy model that simply put is a 20 polygon version of the tank. I made that because I didn't want it to get stuck on sidewalks and I wanted it to be able to drive over small walls and stuff. For the physics I have made the proxy a parent of the model. An M1A1 weighs about 59 000 Kilos so I made that the weight of the tank. For going forward I apply a force along a direction vector I get from subtracting two vectors at the front and the back of the tank.

                      Please tell me if you need more info!