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    A way to redirect all http:// to https:// my muse website so that when it uploaded through muse or manually....

    noelb8402969 Level 2

      I made a website with muse and then uploaded to my host through Muse and I have manually uploaded with Filezilla to my host too.

      After securing my website with an AutoSSL, which I'm currently using because it is provided by host through cPanel, or after purchasing an SSL from a third party and applying it, I wanted my site to always show https:// when people type in http or any other url for it.

      Currently I forced redirected all http:// to https:// by editing the .htaccess file after uploading my website with muse to my host.

      But, there is a foreseeable issue with this method:

      When I make an update to my website after editing it in Muse, I believe it is going to overwrite the .htaccess file that I made changes to, which will make me have to go in and manually edit the file again.


      Q1. Is there a way to edit the .htaccess file in muse so that it automatically has that code in it to force 301 redirect all http:// to https:// so that I don't have manually edit the .htaccess file everytime I make updates to my or someone's website using muse?


      Q2. Is there some way to make muse write the code or do something to force 301 redirect all urls to the main url that I want all visitors to end up at, see?