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    Help with netstream.send

      I am trying to use the message sent from netStream.send to create another stream. I get the broadcasted message fine, but I cannot figure out how to initialize the stream. here is my code:

      // stream used to receive .send messages from the other application :
      temp_ns = new NetStream(nc);
      temp_ns.play("temp_stream", -1);

      // Function to receive the message.
      temp_ns.tmpName = function(dumb){
      postMsg(dumb); // This function is sending the message to a text box. This works fine.
      newDumb = dumb;
      clients_ns = new NetStream(nc); // Trying to create the stream.....NOT WORKING !!!!
      clients_ns.play(newDumb, -1); // I think I need to get around using this inside a function. Don't know how....


      I really hope someone can help me.
      Thanks in advance.