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    changing existing embedded video to progressive download

      First, forgive me - I am not experienced with Flash and am flapping around with it a bit.

      We have some Flash 5 files that included embedded video and were thus published as QuickTime files. The embedded videos have been converted to flv files, and I've attempted to follow all the instructions for progressive download. However, the flvs seem to either not play or to become embedded in the timeline. All the examples I've encountered do not also have an existing timeline with other (non-video) content, and I can't figure out how to do this.

      These files also have embedded audio.

      We have three kinds of timelines:
      1. Video plays first, followed by audio and graphic content.
      2. Video plays somewhere in the middle, with audio and graphics on both sides.
      3. Video plays last.

      Most of the videos are less than 30 seconds. I would really prefer not to recreate these files from scratch. I'd really like to figure out how to keep the existing file, and play the linked video at the appropriate time in the timeline.

      Any suggestions for samples or tutorials? From my description, can you tell if I'm missing some simple little fix?