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    Need to click and add movie clip

      Does anyone know how to do this? I have 5 shapes (movie clips) that you can drag around on the screen and rotate. I need to create a menu off to the side whre the user could click on a shape and it would add another one of those shapes to the screen in the main area where the user is moving and rotating the other shapes. Thanks for the help.
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          The most straight-forward answer is to use attachMovie() or duplicateMovieClip() functions. Have an array that holds reference to the inital 5 shapes. Beyond that there is a thousand ways you could implement this - it all depends what you want the final use to be. I would create a shape class, which would allow me to rotate and move each movie regardless of which shape it is. You can then use an iterative naming convention (mc1, mc2, mc3) or push them onto an array as they are created.

          Hope this helps.

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            Paul_Dunning Level 1
            I already have the shapes moving and rotating thanks to a tutorial from flashkit.com, is there an example that I could look at regarding the attachMovie() or duplicateMovieClip() functions? Thanks for your help, I am not that experienced with actionscript.