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    Crop Headshot


      I need to crop a photo of a person keeping their headshot only to a specific size almost like a passport photo.  I've tried to do this via image and then adjusting the image but it keeps the outside section of the image as  well where I just need to zoom in on just the headshot. Can anyone advise pls? I'm quite new to this....

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          That should be easy. Set the rectangle marquee tool to fixed aspect ratio for the aspect ratio you need the crop to have.  Draw out a selection about the head for the composition you like. You can reposition the selection by moving the cursor inside the selection left Click and drag to tweak the selection. Then use menu Image crop. next use menu Image size check resample set the interpolation method then set the size of one of the image sides.  The other side and resolution should be set by Photoshop. Click OK.

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            Another thing you might want to look at is setting the Crop tool to delete Cropped Pixels in the Options bar.

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              davescm Adobe Community Professional

              You can do this in one go with the crop tool


              Select the crop tool

              In the options bar set it to :

              1. WxHxResolution .

              2. The required width

              3. The height

              4. The required print resolution

              5. You can choose whether or not to delete cropped pixels. If you do delete you cannot re-adjust the crop later.


              For example below I have set it to the UK passport standard of 35mm x 45 mm and chosen 300ppi which works well with most inkjet printers


              Then just drag the crop handles which appear over your image and when you are happy  click on the tick in the options bar,  or press Enter.




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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                There are many ways to crop an image.  As Dave shows the crop tool can both crop and interpolate the crop to size.  I seldom use the crop tool for if I forget to clear it setting I may accidentally interpolate my crop. So I crop with Image Crop and resize with Image size or transform smart object layers etc. Resizing can be done many ways. Changing aspect ratio  can  done by using the document canvas size as a clipping mask without cropping the actual image. You could make your image layer a smart object layer. Change the canvas size to the number of pixels you need the output image to be. Stet the document resolution so the pixels will print the image the size you want.  The transform the smart object layer  so your head shot is over the canvas.

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