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    Multiple Issues Since updating to CC 2017 In Premiere and AE


      I've hobbled along using inconvenient fixes to keep working on edits but I really need to get everything back to good working condition.


      I'll start with After Effects.  Only really big issue I am having is that I can't launch AE from the apps section of the CC App Launcher.  I have to search for AE in my Windows 10 program search to find it and launch from there. 


      In a related (I think) issue, I can't use dynamic link between Premiere Pro and After Effects.  I can select a clip in Premiere that I want to replace with an AE Comp but I get this error message: "Adobe After Effects must be installed to import this file."  A quick fix for this is to open after effects, again not through the app launcher, and while both premiere pro and AE are running, I can select a clip and replace with AE Comp.  It will successfully open a new comp window in whatever project I have open in AE and from there I can edit and render to a file I can then put back in Premiere.  I can't work with the clip that I replaced in Premiere though because the link no longer works once AE is closed (the media goes offline) and I have to use the rendered clip. 


      So as of right now, I can't and would really like to have the ability to use Dynamic Link as it's intended, and I can't open After Effects from the CC Launcher.  And again, this has all came about after the update to CC 2017.  Previously, everything was working great.


      Any pointers would be great!  I've been trying to figure out how to wipe everything Adobe CC from my computer and do a fresh install to see if things will work again but haven't been able to successfully get everything cleaned off the computer. 


      I have a suspicion that the AE has been installed into a location that the Launcher doesn't know how to find.  Is there a way to tell it where to launch from?


      Thanks a bunch ahead of time!



      Keith Morris