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    Lrm Android: How to reliably trigger auto-import (from other app)?

    fimagena Level 1

      Hi - I'm the author of an Android photo app and would like Lightroom mobile to automatically import DNG-files produced by my app. Unfortunately, right now, I am observing the following behaviour

      - My app writes a DNG (or moves it) to a folder watched by Lightroom (e.g., "~/Pictures") - no reaction/import from the Lightroom mobile app

      - If I rename the DNG with a file explorer (doesn't matter to what) in the same directory, Lightroom mobile suddenly recognises the file and automatically imports it


      I have confirmed that the inotify events produced by my app and the file explorer are identical. I assume Lrm uses a different mechanism to watch directories for new files. This is tested on a Samsung S8 but I have gotten similar reports for other handsets as well.


      If there are any of the Lrm Android devs present here, would you mind commenting on...

      - ...the logic Lrm for Android uses to recognise new picture files created

      - ...how I can adapt my app, so Lrm will automatically import its outputs


      Many thanks!