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    CS6 "Open File" has changed since Windows update


      It's just a minor niggle because CS6 does still run normally, but since the last Windows update about 10 days ago, when I go to "file - open" and select a folder, the icons are now very spaced out.  Previously they were close together and I could see 16 or more in the window at any one time.  Now I can only see 4.  Yes, I can resize the window so I can see more, but I still can't see many.  This makes it less convenient when opening multiple pictures.  When I right click within the open file window, I have large icons and auto arrange selected on the menu, and I have tried to change the display but clearly it is nothing in CS6 that has changed, it is the way Windows is displaying the icons.  Nothing else on my PC has been affected.  Presumably everyone who is still using CS6 with Windows 10 should also be seeing this change.  Any ideas how I can make the icons display differently?