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    Bring back flagging gestures in Lightroom Mobile

    homebrandcola Level 1



      I have long applauded Lightroom Mobile as an excellent example of an mobile application that is powerful and yet written and developed specifically for a mobile and touch interface. The gestures were a big part of this. Swiping between images and quickly flicking up and down to flag or reject them was brilliant. It was really easy to do one handed when holding a tablet, or even flicking through images on a phone.


      Triage was quicker and more enjoyable lying on the couch with my iPad than sitting in front of my desktop with a huge screen and "full" or "real" Lightroom.


      Now you can't flag an image when viewing it full screen. To flag an image you need to hit a rather small touch target.


      I am really happy to see additional adjustment options added to the mobile version, such as sharpening, and the ability to edit captions, but please please please bring back the speed flagging and flagging gestures.


      The worst thing that could happen is the interfaces between Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom 'Desktop' merge - please keep them separate. The two interface and user experiences need to be built independently for very different use cases and form factors, and the mobile interface has always been brilliant.