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    The 'Record' Feature For Windows


      Why hasn't adobe added the feature to record prototypes? so the Mac operating systems have this feature, but Windows doesn't? I'm sick and tired of hearing "You can use the record feature on Windows." Don't you realize the difference between doing that and the record feature that is placed in Adobe XD for Macs?


      Please Adobe, add this feature because as an aspiring UI/UX Designer I cannot produce quality Prototypes and share them. I don't want to use the ordinary sharing because it does not perform Automatic Transitions.


      Why haven't you added this feature yet? This is a major feature, and it should have priority. This is a MAJOR feature and I would love to see it. Come on now, i enjoy using your products and I pay for them on a monthly basis, but if you can't deliver major and important features like this..then what else can I say? nothing but disappointment.


      I'm sorry for being harsh, but all I saw on the support section for people who are asking for this feature, all they receive is an answer of "oooh you can use the windows recording feature."