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    Anyway to sync just my presets between pc and laptop WITHOUT storing them with the catalog?

    masplin Level 1

      My pc contains a huge number of photos so I dont want to store the whole catalog and images on my laptop. i use my laptop on trips to do some post processing and then export that small catalog and import into my main catalog when I get home. All I want is my presets and my preferences to be the same.


      I assume the normal way people achieve this, without cutting and pasting, is to put their catalog on dropbox and then tick the store with catalog box.  However then I'd have to use the same catalog which wont work as images are not on my laptop. If I don't do this my presets are back on my c\users drive etc which cant be put on dropbox.


      Is there any solution to this as seems a no brainer to sync the application and not the actual images?  Can you make a dropbox folder mirror a local folder or something?


      Thanks for any advice or a suggestion i can vote for