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    Error on opening project - possible Codec problem w/ MOV file?


      I'm a 1-day old user of Premiere Elements 15 on Windows 10.  Everything was going like clockwork until I closed the project, and tried to re-open.  Then I got a message saying the file format was not supported or I might not have the right Codec installed.


      All the imported clips are from an iPhone and thus in .MOV format.  After I close the error, Premiere ends up opening the project anyway, and I've successfully exported it to an .MP4 file.  Nothing seems to be wrong on the playback in Premiere or the exported file.  However, when I exit the project by closing Premiere, I get an error that "Premiere has stopped working".  Unfortunately, Adobe support isn't open on the weekend.  It all seems a bit shaky to me, and this is a very important project that is due tomorrow for work so I'm debating if I should just hold my breath and continue or stop and try to fix this (which is very risky due to my lack of knowledge on the innards of Codecs, etc).


      When I look at info on Apple Codecs, it talks about Codecs being installed by Quicktime.  However, when I go to download Quicktime, the Apple site says Quicktime for Windows is no longer supported as the functionality is built into later browser version.


      My question is - if it's working ok now, can I continue... or will the problem get worse the more clips I add and layer into different tracks.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Please remember, I am totally new to this video editing world.