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    Section 508


      My client, a large government agency, is about to launch an LMS and we need to develop e-learning for it that's Section 508 and SCORM 1.2 compliant. The 508 office seems to be really down on using Flash. One of the 508 guys says you can use an HTML template to develop more easily and cheaply than using Flash. He also warns developers that Flash is an "emerging technology" and as such is fraught with accessibility problems.

      I've reviewed the accessibility pages on the Adobe website, read the white paper and FAQs. Macromedia appears to be saying we can develop accessible content but I don't get a warm fuzzy feeling from reading forum messages. I'm also not to sure how or even if I should fight the "No Flash" mentality. Is it just a lost cause trying to create Flash for government e-learning (or anything else) at this time? One would think that with the purchasing power of the US government, Macromedia and Adobe would put more effort into making their products more accessible.

      Need to hear from the community on this, thanks!