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    Very bad customer service so far...


      I accidentally purchased a video on Stock. I then deleted the video from my library without downloading it.


      I contacted support looking for a way to be refunded on the purchase, since it was accidental. They repeatedly told me that I had downloaded the video, so they couldn't issue a refund. I definitely have not downloaded it. I checked my download history and my whole computer in case I did it without realizing, but it's definitely not there. They then offered to remote into my computer and help me download it. I repeated that I do not want to download it, I just want a refund.


      My case has supposedly been escalated to the senior level, since I continued to complain. They say they will contact me within 48-72 business hours. I asked if there was a number I could call if I did not hear anything, to follow up. They said there was no number and disconnected from the help chat.


      So, as of right now, I've paid $85 for a video clip I don't want. It's not in my library and it's not on my computer, and I have no course of action if no one follows up with me.


      Maybe the senior management will contact me and resolve this, but as of right now, I'm not thrilled with the experience with this new service.