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    The only person in the world with this popup window problem!!!

      I'm using Flash MX 2004. I created my site on my MAC and when i uploaded it to the web all of the popupwindows on my site work perfectly on my MAC. But other people have been telling me that on their PC's that only some of them work. I looked on another PC for myself and found out that only a few buttons out of 53 work when they have the popupwindow code on them. All of the buttons have the same code below on them with just the filename and the window title modified for each one.

      on (release)
      //customize the window that gets opened
      // 0 equals NO.
      // 1 equals YES.
      address = " http://www.larsmith.com";
      target_winName = "Sketchbook entry";
      width = 800
      height = 700
      toolbar = 0
      location = 0
      directories = 0
      status = 0
      menubar = 0
      scrollbars = 0
      resizable = 0
      //sends data back to the function
      openWinCentre(address, target_winName, width, height, toolbar, location, directories, status, menubar, scrollbars, resizable);

      All of the buttons are inside a movie clip and on the top layer of the movie clip i have this code.

      _global.openWinCentre = funtion(url, winName, w, h, toolbar, location, directories, status, menubar, scollbars, resizable) {getUrl("javascript:window.open('"+url"','"+winName"','"+width="+w+", height="+h+", tollbar="+toolbar+", location="+location+", directories="+directories+", status="+status+", menubar="+menubar+", scrollbars="+scrollbars+", resizable="+resizable+", top='+((screen.height/2)-("+h/2+"))+',left='+((screen.width/2)-("+w/2+))+'"+"'); void(0);");};

      It doesnt make sense that some of the buttons would work fine on my MAC but only a handful (maybe 5 random ones) would work on a PC. It seems like im the only person in the world who has had this problem because i cant find any help in any other forum. So if anyone could help me or offer a suggestion I would really appreciate it.