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    Adobe E Sign Integration with BPM WorkFlow




      I am trying to Integrate BPM Workflow with Adobe E -sign,i have gone through the documentation available on the website.

      I have also downloaded the Java SDK kit also and the pre requisite jars,But have n't found any success.

      As documentation shared, i got I needed to get Integration key,but i haven't found the same in my adobe Enterprise Trial Account.

      PLease help in answering the below questions :

      1)  Where is the Integration key can be find.

      2) Sample java application program specifying steps to be done to upload a document.

      3) How can we get the notified that document has been signed.

      4)  is the signed document will be returned in base 64 encoding or a file type.

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          mukeshk53235581 Level 1

          When trying to run through eclipse,it showing following error :

          com.adobe.sign.utils.ApiException: Connection Error

          at com.adobe.sign.utils.ApiClient.getAPIResponse(ApiClient.java:512)

          at com.adobe.sign.utils.ApiClient.getBaseUrl(ApiClient.java:544)

          at com.adobe.sign.utils.ApiClient.invokeAPI(ApiClient.java:593)

          at com.adobe.sign.api.OAuthApi.getAccessToken(OAuthApi.java:106)

          at com.newgen.integration.esign.TestApplication.main(TestApplication.java:47)

          Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException



          Sample Code which i am trying is :


          //Refresh the accessToken

             AccessTokenRefreshRequest refreshedAccessTokenInfo = new AccessTokenRefreshRequest

          (clientId, clientSecret, refreshToken, grantType);



             //Refreshed Access Token should be stored in the encrypted format

             AccessTokenRefreshResponse refreshedAccessTokenResponse=null;

          try {

          refreshedAccessTokenResponse = oAuthApi.refreshAccessToken(refreshedAccessTokenInfo);

          } catch (ApiException e) {

          // TODO Auto-generated catch block





             String tken2= refreshedAccessTokenResponse.getAccessToken();