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    Can't upload .zip-File

    W.Allin Level 1



      the last two days I tried to upload a .zip-File with an .eps-Vector-File (saved with Inkscape) and the preview .jpg-Image (5000px * 5000px).

      Everytime I try to upload the file the site returns the following error:


      ".zip cannot be uploaded, since the file has no valid filetype." (I had to translate the message because I found no option to change the language to english.)

      (.jpg-Upload alone works fine)


      I read the other discussions from three month ago where several people had the same problem because Adobe turned off .eps-Upload for a while and turned it back on later. But I cannot find any information why it doesn't work for me today. I already wrote to Adobe Support but they haven't answered yet.


      Thanks for any help.

      Best Regards