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    RoboHelp X6 - again

      Hello all,

      maybe I´m beating a dead dog here, but does anyone have any recent info about whether X6 (or whatever) is definitely scheduled or not? It seems that if Adobe is planning a new version they should announce it SOON. Folks are starting to migrate to other tools. Not all and not now but if the decision has been taken then why wait and loose them (so evidently it hasnt?).

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          A significant team has been assembled and is presently working on the next version as announced at the WritersUA conference last month.

          Karl Matthews, Adobe Group Product Marketing Manager (the group includes Captivate, Framemaker and Acrobat as well as RoboHelp) publicly announced the new release will be in the "first quarter of 2007, if not before." The team is hard at work on development with an eye to future technologies for technical documentation and online user assistance.

          To gather suggestions for the future, a 12-member RoboHelp Customer Advisory Panel met with 7 Adobe representatives at WritersUA. In addition, more than 20 more meetings were conducted in one-on-one sessions with Adobe engineers over the three days.

          Many of these same Adobe representatives were also at the STC convention in Las Vegas this month to gather similar info among conferees.

          The Adobe acquisition of Macromedia is really only about 4 months old and there is a lot going on. For those of us who have waited a long time since the release of X5, it can be frustrating. But at least we know that Adobe has a VERY different and very positive view of RoboHelp vs. Macromedia's position.
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            robert_sfl Level 1

            thanks for the good news! The "announcement" of a new RoboHelp version is hardly known abroad (at least in Europe). I really think Adobe should post it more clearly on their website, newsletter the users etc. and also state a clear release date (even if it has to be delayed later on).

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              I didn't go to the WritersUA conference but I've read about Adobe's high profile there and strong verbal commitment to Robohelp.

              I did go to the STC conference and didn't get the same impression at all. Adobe had a booth but didn't make a presentation at any sessions. When I went to their booth to ask about Robohelp, they said they are definitely bringing out a new version in early 2007 but were not especially enthusiastic or interested in answering my questions. Maybe it was me.... but I'm wondering about their commitment level.
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                It would be very smart if Adobe would start beating the drum a bit to create some advance publicity. You can't rely on RoboHelp's distinguished past because the lack of a new release, pending Vista, and multiple new browsers to accommodate make this a potentially volatile marketplace.
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                  robert_sfl Level 1
                  Anything would help that shows that the development is definitely going on. For example a feature request forum, a short statement that the next RoboHelp version will support Vista (of course we know it will -if it comes- but just to say something). At the moment its like the shop owner hiding beneath the sales counter.