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    Synced LR Mobile pics not showing on desktop

    lornet42765951 Level 1

      Having a problem with a "first time" sync from LR Mobile to my MacBook . The synced pictures are showing online, but they are nowhere to be found on my Creative Cloud files folder on MacBook,  and nowhere on LR there.


      My other issue re the online site is I have the option to download the original Raw file or the processed jpeg, but I need the processed Raw.


      Anyone help?

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          greule Adobe Employee

          When you sync photos via Lr Mobile these photos can be accessed via Lr Desktop. For that you need to start the sync at the top left identity plate and in case you have collections created these will be listed under collections->from Lr Mobile. When you only work within Lightroom Photos section, then you will find these photo under catalog->All synced photographs...


          Hope this helps


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            sounds good doesn't work for everyone.
            I'm paying for LR mobile but i don't have it on my mac, i logged in and i can only see my screenshots(absolutely not useful), but i can't access my edited images, AND there's no way to export more than 15 images at a time on ipad, and on lightroom.adobe.com there's no download all button