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    guidance on working across desktop tablet and mobile


      Hello - Can I ask two perhaps stupid questions, but clarity would help before I progress on this my first attempt!


      I have set up a site in Desktop design and all appears to be working well in testing in a browser etc. I now want to replicate the design in Tablet and Phone layout and in preparation I have added a Tablet and Phone layout and imported the layout structure from the design in my desktop folder. Doing this brings in the design flow but doesn’t bring in the elements / content so my questions are as follows.


      1. Do I simply copy / paste each page content / elements and then paste them in the Tablet and Phone layout and resize etc.?
      2. Having done above, when I publish the site will the Muse software simply take my three design solutions in the Desktop, Tablet and Phone and simply match those to the end user depending whether they are using a desktop or phone etc.?


      Any guidance would be appreciated.


      John Holden