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    Flash Files taking forever to load

      I am a Computer Science teacher at a high school and I have had my student create some basic flash files that I am wanting to put on my website. In fact they are already there. The files were published with flash as .swf files. Only 1 of them is what I would deem LARGE - 3.1Mb. Some of them are taking 30 + minutes to load. In fact, forget about the Internet. If I double click on the .html file stored on my PC to open the .swf file stored on my PC, the files can still take forever.

      I must have some setting SOMEWHERE on my machine that is causing the file to take so long to load. These are files with tweens only - no actionscripting, etc. Some of them are only 10 seconds long. Any clues? BTW you can see them at http://info.conroeisd.net/~mkbutler/FlashFiles.htm, but they will probably load quickly on your computer.