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    Cannot change speed/duration of animated stills videoclips!

    Sargon63 Level 1



      I built up an animation containing several layers of animated elements in my video timeline - only to realize that the animation's overall duration is way toot long.


      It looks like there is no way to select all the video tracks and stretch the duration of their clips simultaneously. To make things worse, one cannot even change one clips Speed/Duration - this option only seems to be available for real video clips! So, does this mean that I will have to select and stretch the keyframes for every individual track, hoping that they will stay in sync with one a another.


      The only way around this is probably to export the whole animation first as uncompressed video - then re-import it to the timeline again and then change it, but I'm sure all will agree this would be an unproductive way of doing it.


      It is almost unthinkable that there is no easier way to do this.