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    Premiere Elements 15 - Corrupted Project Files after Rebooting




      i am using Premiere Elements 15 for quite a while. Within the last weeks (did no use the program) a new error occured. I can create new projects and save them. I can reopen them and continue working.


      however - if i reboot my system (Win10 - fully patched), i am not able to open the project files again. Premiere says that the files are corrupted. this happens also with older project files which had been working in the past. i tried to delete all temp files (pre-rendering and all stuff that i could find related to the projects) - no effect.


      Is there a known bug with any Windows Update or so?


      Due to the fact, that i am using the Programm for my YouTube Stuff, i am in need of a fast solution. Thank you guys.


      Best regards,