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    Can't pay for Adobe CC subscription because my country is not on the dropdown list. Guess which country is included? Antarctica! Bravo, Adobe. :-D


      Right now, I'm imagining smacking my head against the keyboard while typing this. As some of you probably noticed, Adobe spruced up their payment methods for Creative Cloud. Problem is, the country list is incomplete. I'm from the Philippines and my country isn't there so I could not complete the purchase. And yes, I have tried to look for Southeast Asia or Asia or any other generalization that would label my part of the world but no, apparently we do not exist. I probably would not be this sarcastic had it not been for that useless chat customer service rep that I just talked to. Just a disclaimer, I am not trying to insult anyone, I'm just calling a spade a spade. That chat was utterly useless. Adobe, please change your customer service reps, please. I beg you. I've been having this problem for years now. Every dreaded time I have to contact you, it does not become a pleasant experience because most of the time your customer service lacks precisely what it's name implies - SERVICE. The English isn't even understandable sometimes. Just a tip, you know where there are great contact centers and customer service reps that are fluent in English and have customer service flowing in their blood? The Philippines!

      Oh, but right, you don't know where it is. It's not on your list. Google might be able to help. ;-)