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    Lightroom CC 2015 printing with Epson SC-P800

    ejg1890 Level 1

      I just recently picked up this printer and set it up over the weekend. However, the color photos are not matching whats on the screen. The printed photos appears to have a very unrealistic look due to extreme color and even a magenta cast to most photos.  I have even re color calibrated my monitor and that hasn't worked.


      I have used the following Printer setup options:

      Media:               Epson Ultra Premium Photo Matte

      Color:                Color

      Print Quality:     quality

      Mode:                ICM (Automatically adjust colors based on printer's ICC profile)/OFF/Adobe RGB


      I have tried all 3 of the above: ICM exaggerates the color for an unrealistic photo look; OFF makes the photo appear "pale" especially the Black and White when I used the Advanced B&W; Adobe RGB similar to ICM.


      In Lightroom I set the profile to P800 Epson Ultra Premium Photo Matte.


      Curious what I may be doing wrong.  What settings especially with "Mode" do those printing with the Epson SC-P800 use?  Trying to get suggestions to try later tonight.