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    Is there a way repair a corrupted a PDF file?

    2Charlie Level 1

      The PDF looks fine when it was saved. The next day when it was opened again, the PDF file looks corrupted with texts all over the page in different places with numerous spaces around these characters. Is there a way to repair this file or is it goner?

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          Did you do a "Save" or a "Save As"? If it was just a "Save", you may be able to restore the last saved version. To do that, create a copy of your file - NEVER WORK ON THE ORIGINAL - and then open the file in a text editor that supports binary files (meaning, it will not silently convert content). You can for example use NotePad++ on Windows. Now jump to the end of the file. You should see a line that looks ends like this:




          There may be some other information before that %%EOF mark, but that should be the last information on the last line. Now search backwards to the previous %%EOF and delete anything from just after that %%EOF to the end of the file, so that %%EOF is again the last information on the last line in the file. Save the file and try to open it in Acrobat again. This should give you the version you saved just before things went wrong.


          If it's possible to actually repair your version of the file depends on what exactly happened, but chances are pretty slim. Don't fall into the trap of companies who try to sell you file repair tools. Every single tool I've tested so far that promises to repair PDF files is a scam and does not work.