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    make a 3d planet moving


      hello everyone

      i would like to make a small animation more less like the sony A1 bravia oled publicity exept that i just want the planet to turn slawly


      more less like this

      i have drawn a quick landscape  of the moon



      and i would like to put a 3D planet earth behind the landscape so i can make the animation on after effect

      wich i have made by taking this image

      terre map monde.jpg

      and put it into a sphere

      but when i put the 3d layer into the landscape

      nothink is working i can't move the planet, when i do the planet become an oval


      if you have any advice i would appréciate it a lot

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          If you have a 3D model then with the 3D layer highlighted go to the timeline and add keyframes for the 3D model whilst rotating it. 5 key-frames should suffice each with 90 degrees rotation and the last being in the same position as the first.  Photoshop will fill in the intermediate frames.

          You will of course need to render all the frames using render video - not just the first.



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