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    TOC level control with non-standard numbering request

    Doctor Sonic

      I have a problem with getting TOC level control to work in a particular way. Here is a highlight of my problem:

      I'm using an outline format very similar to an example at https://www.rockymountaintraining.com/adobe-indesign-numbering-chapters-subheads-tables-fi gures/, but without tables and figures for the time being. I need for one of my heading levels to increment in a numeric sequence throughout most of my book, across stories (chapters)  independent of the Chapter numbers and propagating down through lower levels. InDesign should be able to do it according to its dialogs for TOC, but it isn't functioning as expected.

      Here is an example of how it would look, taken from Chapter 3 and 4 of the book. It's especially important to note what happens when the chapter changes.

      Chapter 3: Chapter Title

      3.9 Subhead Level 1         (comment- 9 is the First Level 1 heading number in chapter 3.
                                                          Last one in chapter 2  was 8.)
         3.9.1 Subhead Level 2
      3.10  Subhead Level 1
         3.10.1 Subhead Level 2
            3.10.1.a Subhead Level 3
            3.10.1.b Subhead Level 3
         3.10.2 Subhead Level 2

      Chapter 4: Chapter Title

      4.11  Subhead Level 1
         4.11.1 Subhead Level 2
            4.11.1.a Subhead Level 3
         4.11.2 Subhead Level 2
      4.12  Subhead Level 1
         4.12.1 Subhead Level 2
         4.12.2 Subhead Level 2
            4.12.2.a Subhead Level 3
            4.12.2.b Subhead Level 3
         4.12.3 Subhead Level 2

      I don't think InDesign can do it. Please tell me I'm wrong!