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    Replace Color: Why can't I use Eyedropper to pick new color?

    M_G6 Level 2

      The "Replace Color" command does not seem to allow me to let me assign the new color with the eyedropper tool (while in the Replace Color interface box). I can only seem to use the HSL sliders to create the color I wish to use as a replacement. But I want to replace a color with a color which already exists in my Photoshop composition (which is currently set to my foreground color).


      So, to clarify, I open the Replace Color interface box, switch over from "Selection" to "Image", pick the color I wish to modify with the eyedropper tool. Now, I click the "Result" swatch below, then the Color Picker window pops up. I can then move my cursor over to my open composition, where the cursor becomes an eyedropper, click on the color I want, but Color Picker ignores the fact that I just clicked on the color I want. Oh sure, I can change the hex values, RGB, values, etc., but why won't the Color Picker honor the eyedropper tool input?