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    LR CC File renaming error


      Good morning. Last night after culling a shoot I used the Rename (F2) function to rename the remaining files. Every file was renamed with a -2 appended to the sequence number. This has happened before, but a second Rename run always fixed the issue. Not this time. If I change the start sequence number to 101 from 1, files rename correctly (no appended -2). When I re-rename with a sequence start of 1, I get the same (YYYYMMDD_custom_000x-2.cr)


      I'm baffled. Win7 with all updates, LR2015.12.


      Workflow:     Ctl-A, Ctl-S - to select all and save metadata

                          F2 brings up the rename dialog box

                          Change sequence number to 1



      Any ideas? Thanks.