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    Canon i7250 pixma what settings to replicate AdobeRGB1998 calibrated screen and Photoshop ?

    Merlin3 Level 1


      I have Canon Photo paper Plus Glossy ll and selected  photo printing' setting, qlty high. in my Canon i7250 Pixma printer.


      I have neutral grey block of colour on screen amidst my image, yet it prints with a mild brown slightly magenta hue, certainly not neutral grey.


      on both printer controls colour and photoshop controls colour options selected.


      What settings should I use to get a printout matching my image on screen which is a calibrated screen, eizo etc and accurate.


      the grey is neutral because I took the block colour, made from a pipetted colour, so no noise, just all one rgb value, and dragged the saturation slider fully left on it !