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    LR (v. 5.7) does not file the imported pictures to the proper date folders


      I'm using Lightroom 5.7 and like the automatic import of the pictures to a date based folder hirarchy.


      Unfortunately I recently realized that pictures, which were not directly imported from the camera, are sorted according to the date they have been saved interim wise on the computer. This is surprisingly, as the Exif capture date (shown at the right side of the LR-screen) is the correct capture date.


      Changing this date is possible, but has no effect on the folder the picture is saved. This means it is still in the date folder related to the date the picture was saved on the computer outside of LR.


      Do you have an idea why LR is acting this way?

      Do you have an idea which metadate LR uses to define the date folder for the imported pictures? 


      It would be really great if you could help me, as I was searching already al lot without finding a solution.