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    Possible to cancel CC subscription without the 50% fee?


      Please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong place or is inappropriate. I just didn't what else to do.


      I have been a CC subscriber for over 3 years now. I got the subscription for a graphic design business that I tried to get off the ground. It's no surprise that, like most new design businesses, it failed earlier this year. Now I am stuck paying the monthly fee for something that I don't use.

      I tried to cancel my subscription, and like everyone else, was shocked that they wanted to charge me the 50% fee for the remainder of the subscription. Being on the bad side of a failed business attempt, paying that fee is simply not an option, nor is paying $52/month for CC. Yes, they offered me the 2 months free to stay on board which I took because it was at least some kind of relief. But then when I asked to make sure my subscription wouldn't auto-renew, I was told that was not an option, and that I would have to contact a live person within a specific time window once my current subscription ended to make sure that I won't auto-renew into another contract. What kind of underhanded crap is that?


      Has anyone been able to cancel their Adobe subscription without paying the 50% fee? I just need it to be gone.


      BTW, I understand that I am obligated to pay the fee per the contract. I'm just wondering if anyone has been able to get around it. I am in a financial hurt and desperately need to get rid of this charge.