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    POPUP: problem to kill it

      Hi folks,
      I've made a my component called MSGBOX, and an actionscript file called MSGBOXHANDLER..

      When a right button is clicked I call the function (in msgboxhandler.as) OpenMsgBox where the most important command is

      var msgbox:MsgBox = MsgBox(PopUpManager.createPopUp ( this, MsgBox, true ));

      And this works fine... the problem is that when a close botton (in msgbox.mlxm) is clicked, this code
      <mx:Button id="btn" label="OK" click="this.parent.removeChild(this)= false"/>
      doesn't work fine.
      Something happen, because I can't move or select my msgbox, but the window doesn't go away, and other components in msgbox (like textbox, button, etc.) are usable...

      so I've discovery this command: this.parent.removeChild(this).visible
      that works fine, but I've fear that this is not a good way to does it...

      Do you can help me???