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    Command H not working to Minimize.


      I use the command H quite often to minimize Lightroom. It stopped working and I can't figure out what I have done to cause this. I uninstalled Lightroom completely and the problem went away but now it is happening again.


      Thanks in advance



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          Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Command-H usually works, but it look like there are still times when it might not work. I tried Command-H in Lightroom a minute ago and it didn't work. I switched the Screen Mode (Window > Screen Mode) using the Shift-F shortcut, and then Command-H started working again. So changing the Screen Mode is something to try.


          By the way, Command-H doesn't minimize, it hides. If you look at the menus in Lightroom, Command-H is the shortcut for Lightroom > Hide Lightroom (H = Hide). The shortcut for Window > Minimize is Command-M (M = Minimize), which shrinks the window to a minimized Dock icon. Command-H doesn't do that, it just hide the application entirely. Both of those shortcuts are Mac standard and are consistent with most Mac programs.

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            grufh Level 1

            Thanks for the feedback. I should of saw hide. My mistake. I tried what you suggested with no luck.